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Code of Conduct

With the heart of loving the environment and caring to the people, Fluxtek aims to build a trustful brand to generate extra values to our products and sustainable business. We embrace the sincerity and passionate characteristics of southern Taiwan to fulfill our mission, which is to provide safe and healthy drinking water to everyone.

Visions, Missions, Values

  • Integration of industrial resources, strengthen the total competitiveness of value chain, and become a global brand for water treatment
  • For everyone to receive safe and healthy drinking water
  • Trustfulness, Accountability, Innovation, Contribution/li>

Social Responsibility

1. Persistence in the principle of sustainable development

Based on the tenet of sustainable development, Fluxtek focuses on green development to preserve the environment. We also make sure that each of our manufacturing procedure is friendly to the land, and thus fulfilling our mission of bringing safe and healthy drinking water to everyone.

2. Customer Always Comes First

Fluxtek provides customers professional knowledge and high technique along with the values of trustfulness, accountability, innovation and contribution. On product manufacturing, we stick to the principles of high safety, high reliability, and high quality. Understanding that the support from customers is important to us, we aim for absolute honesty and fair trade when promoting products to build a relationship with customers based on trust.

3. Enforce A Complete System of Corporate Governance

By enforcing corporate governance together with strategic management as a mission in prior, Fluxtek is prepared to deal with the global change. Under the lead from the board of directors, the company regulations is in charged by auditors for integration. And for the corporate social responsibility policy, each department has been guided for implementation to carry out the core concepts of sustainable development.

4. Creating a comfortable and prosperous work environment with equality

Fluxtek is a well-organized company which each of our employees is treated as our family member and also crucial to the growing of business. In order to provide a safe and comfortable homelike environment, we give the best benefits and job distributions to everyone. Training courses are also arranged regularly for elevation of professional knowledge and skills. Fluxtek offers equal job opportunities and is strictly against sexual or racial discrimination, we make every effort to build an excellent work place with gender equality.

  • No.21,Jingjian Road, Pingtung City, 90093 Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • TEL:886-8-7558557 FAX:886-8-7555055
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  • 90093 屏東市前進里經建路21號
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