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Fluxtek Brand Story

Receiving safe and healthy drinking water for everyone

What could be more ordinary than getting a cup of drinking water? To people in some places, they must pay much effort to receive clean water. The founder of Fluxtek, Mr. Yen-Tsun Lai, discovered this problem from customers of developing countries. In such countries, clean water source is difficult to get in most areas. With this observation, Mr. Lai realized that to receive pure water is a true blessing. In his mind, he pictured a world which people may acquire safe and healthy drinking water easily. Thus, he devoted himself into the water purification industry and established Fluxtek to strive for bringing good water to every single household.

Providing top quality based on the spirit of craftsmanship

During the earlier times, Fluxtek merged with a filter factory in order to bring up the production quality. But on the contrary, the quality of carbon material used by the factory did not meet the standard. Mr. Lai refused to provide filters not meeting Fluxtek standard and decided to cancel all filter delivery to customers. Many complaints were received due to this matter, but Mr. Lai insisted to give only top quality products to customers. He even went to countries which produce coconuts, such as Indonesia, India and Sri Lanka, to search for material with premium quality for carbon production. Gradually, Fluxtek has built up its reputation in the water treatment industry and also gained trust from customers with products of excellent quality.




Originated from Taiwan and to form a supplying chain of green cycle economy

Mr. Yen-Tsun Lai, founder of Fluxtek, was grown up in southern Taiwan. Back then, many people left their hometown to seek for better employment due to the lack of development down south. Driven by the love to his home and land, Mr. Lai determined to help creating more job opportunities by building up Fluxtek in Pingtung and encourage more people to come back home as well as to settle down.

The soil in southern Taiwan is fertile which enables many kinds of fruit to grow, Pingtung County has even won the name of “Coconut Kingdom”. But sadly, after extracting coconut juice and flesh out, the shells were disposed and became enormous amount of wastes. Mr. Lai saw this problem and started thinking what may be done to turn waste shells into useful materials for activated carbon production. So other than purchasing carbon materials from abroad, he also talked with the local coconut farmers for cooperation to integrate the resources, and also planned on building a plant for coconut food production as well as biomass carbonization for producing genuine activated carbon as material for filters. The heat generated during carbonization may be collected and applied on food processing. Furthermore, through recycling the household carbon filters and reactivate the carbon within, it may again be used for river restoration or as absorbent of toxic substances such as dioxin generated from waste incineration. These processes altogether helped to form an effective green cycle of resources utilization. In the future, Fluxtek will continue to search for new materials suitable for producing activated carbon. While being an environmental friendly enterprise, we also look forward to bringing up the value of local specialties as well as creating benefits to our neighborhood through the development of the brand Fluxtek.

With the core value of innovation, trust and friendliness, Fluxtek focuses on providing clean water to people as well as giving feedbacks to the land. We overlooked the industrial ecology and work on supply chain integration to make sure each process meets pollution free green cycle economy. To use every resource effectively to reduce environmental pollution is our goal in bringing about value and make contribution to the society.

Fluxtek holds the heart of loving and caring to the environment and people with the sincerity and passion of southern Taiwan to create more value to our products and business sustaining. Together we build a brand of trust which aims to provide safe and healthy drinking water to everyone.

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